About Us

In 1930 Karl Kohlbecker established a small design bureau and nowadays his representatives can be found all over the world. While creating perfect and like German qualitative projects the Company has become an ideological ally of the majority of big and successful enterprises, which here and now create history. We want our descendants to be proud for the deeds of their fathers and grandfathers and thus there is no reason to create buildings, which should be destroyed in 10 – 20 years, because they do not correspond to the image of the street, city and country.

With a punctuality of a good watchmaker the Company's employees create architectural works of art, verified in time and in space. The personal projects of Karl Kohlbecker have made deep impression on the history of after-war Europe. The culture created by founding father inside of the Company is supported, preserved and projected to all Company's departments by his descendants for already three generations. More than half a century we are developing such architectural solutions which meet the demands of the customers, and are simultaneously landmarks in the development of projecting, architecture and engineering.

From the moment of foundation of the architectural bureau alongside with realization of creative ideas, the Kohlbeckers take care of the Client. Thus, in 1953 Karl Kohlbecker together with one pilot crossed equator on a simple propeller-driven airplane to meet a customer in Brazil and to show proposed projects on a construction site. Time will pass and this fact will appear as an example of client focus in business text-books.

This the way we create the history…

60, Budennovskiy Av., 12th floor
Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344000